Super Mario World Guide

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This is a guide to the Nintendo game "Super Mario Word." This guide is fully complete and free on Google Play.

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The app explains the following:
Data and profiles
Power Ups
Other Items
Yoshi and his colors
Enemies and how to defeat them
Instant deaths
Pipes and goals
Bonus game
Infinite items
Switch palaces
Boss battles
Bowser's castle in 11 levels
Bowser's castle
Star road
Special world
Completing Special world
And so much more

This app is 100% free, with no in app purchases. This app is also free of: Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Foul Language, or adult content.

This app was distributed by Mecca Apps, Thank you for downloading.


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This is a 100% guide to Nintendo's game New Super Mario Bros. Wii (sometimes called "NSMB WII").

This guide is free and on Google Play.

This guide is 100% free with no in app purchases  Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Foul Language, and adult content.

This guide contains:
All secret exits/Warp Cannons and how to get them
How to get 5 stars
How to get World 9
How to get all levels in World 9
Do a Dual Ground-pound
Get toad houses to appear every time you play a level on multiplayer mode
All star coins in World 1-World 8
Long Ground Pounds

See the full description on Google Play

Nature Wallpapers

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This Wallpaper app has 10 unique wallpapers to improve your android's home screen. It also uses less battery than a live wallpaper. This app is available on Google Play.

Sunset Sunrise Wallpapers

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This app has 15 Extravagant wallpapers of Sunrises/Sunsets to improve your android homscreen.
This app is available on Google Play.

Improve My Android

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This is a general guide to improving your android devices abilities. There is information on:
Getting more space
Using less internet
Saving battery
Speeding up your device
Preventing your device from being infected
Personalization and wallpapers
Improving your device's abilities